Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boo's Reward

Previously I had talked about how Boo deserves a reward for all her hard work and wonderful attitude during the past few weeks. Hunter has been a main focus between school and ortho work and her needs have been pushed to the wayside, and her achievements not noticed the way they should be.

No longer I tell you!!

This Saturday, Boo and I are having a reward day. After bowling and my road-trip planning meeting she and I are heading to the mall. There are tons of things to do there, we just have to narrow it down. Last night I asked her what she would want to do if we had time for just us and could do almost anything. She gave me ideas ( few that are just not going to happen), so now I am asking you!

There options are Underwater Adventures, Build a Bear Workshop, Lego Land or a two on smaller levels (not making a bear, but getting an outfit and then getting Lego's for example). She wants to see Race to Witch Mountain, but that is just plain mean to do without Hunter.

Take the Poll on the right side and let me know what you think we should do. I will post the results on Friday, and let Boo know too!


Jody said...

I voted but wanted to let you know that the poll is on the left... Waaayyy down the side...

Terra said...

Going to vote...I want a reward day...Can I come?