Monday, March 09, 2009


How often do you see this "Chance of snow 100%". I know it won't happen, but if this storm missed us it would be hilarious!

I love living in Minnesota. The changing of the seasons is one of the main reasons.

But I hate HATE the brink of winter/spring. It is miserable. I feel like washing my car every day to keep the slushy salt nastiness off it, and my shoes and pants take a nasty toll too. Boo's boots have to be put on the heater almost everyday, from simply walking home from the bus stop.

It was gorgeous out last week, after we got 7 inches of snow. We had high 40's the end of last week, I wore my spring coat. Now we are getting another system coming through that will dump rain AND snow on us, and bring some freezing temperatures.

Right now we have Freezing Fog. Freezing Fog...interesting. It is almost noon and we have fog. Not something I am used to seeing at all.

But, I just keep thinking that in a couple weeks coats will be shed and spring will start creeping back in. I can't stinkin wait!!

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girlymama said...

i don't know how you survive all that snow! (my sister lives in minn and her stories are INSANE!) i can barely handle the snow here ;-)