Monday, February 09, 2009

Yanni Voices

Many years ago, I danced to this great song, Reflections of Passion. It was a pure instrumental song by Yanni. While the dance wasn't that great, this song has been a favorite ever since.

Yanni has a long history of creating amazing music, and has passed his gifts and knowledge onto four new artists, all in part of Yanni Voices. Working with four young artists, Yanni is debuting new music with amazing vocals.

Some of you may have seen a couple of the artists this past weekend at Blissdom, but listening to the tracks on-line are outstanding.

Nathan Pacheco has such powerful vocals. I love how his voice carries, and you can tell he sings from the heart. Nathan is from Washington DC, and wants to travel with world showing his voice. He sings his songs in Latin, and carries the spirit of his surroundings. He draws in what nature can give, and it comes out in his songs.

Chloe has a powerful voice, one that draws you in. Her songs bare her own soul, and will engage emotions in you that you didn't think music could. With her opera training, her love for classic rock and her talent for pop there is nothing this songstress can't achieve. She is definitely one to watch on her climb.

Ender Thomas is another powerful voice. This Venezuelan-born artist has a magical voice that has limitless depth. He has worked to discover the full extent of his talent, and pushing past the boundaries. His time working with the other artists has produced a great duet with Chloe, along with his own great songs. He is an amazing Latin singer.

The last artist that is a part of Yanni Voices, is Leslie Mills. Born in Kentucky, this young lady has worked very hard at her craft, being a part of a folk-rockin band, To the Moon Alice. Now, working with Yanni has shown her a new side of her music, allowing her to write to Yanni's incredible accompaniment. Her voice is so gentle, almost delicate. Her lyrics are quite powerful, and in motion with a different set of instrumentals allows her to explore even more.

There are so many different levels of romance in music, and these artists touch on each one. From soft and emotional to powerful and strong there is something for everyone.

Yanni has put together such an outstanding group of artists, and there are a few ways that you can take your own look at each of them. The Yanni Voices Tour is starting in April, and going all over the country with a great many dates.

On March 2nd there is a PBS special. Not only will there be a showcase of the wonderfully talented artists, there will be information about the work this group of people has done. I will definitely be watching this, as I can't get enough of the videos on-line.

Finally, on March 24th the Yanni Voices cd drops. This is something that I will be getting. This is powerful music, and something my collection needs.

A major thanks to One2One Network for giving me the chance to take a closer look at Yanni Voices.

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Jody said...

I suppose you don't want to hear that I saw a special cut of the PBS special at Blissdom- and got to see Ender and Nathan live (Paula had her photo taken with them). Ender is quite short and Nathan is much more attractive in person.