Wednesday, February 04, 2009

When the weather outside if frightful

I always laugh at the news when they show people in Florida wearing parkas. It is 40 degrees, and they are freezing. Well, laughing might be to nice...I throw things at the tv. When it is 40 here we are running around in light jackets, doing happy dances. This coming weekend will be lovely.

This morning however, it is down right chilly. -4, with a slight wind. I just ran out to my car and my hands are freezing now. Bundling up Boo was a great time...especially since she is so prone to nosebleeds. She MUST have her nose covered, to create moisture in her nose and so on and so on.

But I always giggle when I see her, it is funny. All you can see are her gorgeous eyes.

Oh, and see her wonderful Columbia jackets?? Ask me how much it cost...come on ask...$32 (originally $109)!! I love Kohl's!


Chris said...

*giggles* At least she can put her arms down (unlike the kid in A Christmas Story) I'm totally excited over this weekend! It's gonna get up to almost 50 here. Time to break out the shorts!! And YAY for bargains!!

girlymama said...

That is HILARIOUS! When I put Colin's coat on he looks like a starfish - just like Maggie on the Simpsons.
Poor kid has to get smushed into his carseat - he can hardly move!

K-Mom said...

We're pretty wimpy down here in the south. It's the warm thins the blood. :o)