Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nag Nag Nag

There is something to be said for my nagging tendencies...even Hubby is saying that now.

Yesterday I was home with Boo, she still wasn't 100% and I used my Mommy Power of Veto and overrode her choice to go to school. And as of yesterday morning...still no knew door. That picture above, that is what my front entryway looked like. Boarded up, with no way to use it.

A week after the break in.

Not cool.

At all.

Tuesday we were informed that our door wouldn't be here until late Thursday or Friday. 9 days. Really? Not okay at all. And this was on a rush order...I don't think so.

So being the "nag" that I am, I called the corporate office of our leasing company. Waiting over a week for a new door is not acceptable, especially when Menards had them on sale this week, $39.99! Our door is a standard door, not over sized or small, standard size.
Yes, the entire door frame had to be replaced, yes the wall had to be patched. I know that. Guess what...they sell that stuff at Menards too.
What was I told when I spoke to the local manager "We don't do that, it won't match and you have to just wait. There is nothing we can do."
Those were words that are coming back to haunt her now, I promise that.
I hung up with her, called back and asked for HER supervisor.
She called me back first thing yesterday morning. She agreed that we shouldn't have had to wait a week for a new door, and 9 days was unacceptable.
By 12 our new door was being installed. By 2 it was done.
My question...if the head lady at corporate could get the door here within 3 hours of talking to me, why did it take a week? Why didn't our leasing office call corporate to get the ball moving faster.
Now, our leasing office is "upset" with us, giving us the cold shoulder. I don't care, except that they have no right. I talked to them over the past week and no other option or resolution was given. I know my rights, so I know I CAN call corporate when things don't go right.
Did I talk to anyone else? Yes, the tenant board for Minnesota. They have a complaint on file now.
I can't wait to move.

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♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

OH my goodness!!!!!! I had som reading to catch up on...first, I am soo sorry!!! I couldnt were in the house too?? Oh goodness....Im speechless. What a horrible thing for someone to do, I just dont understand people sometimes!

About the door-I would have lost it!! Good for you for stciking up for yourself!! Im glad that you got a new one now.

{{big hugs}}