Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hair today...gone tomorrow.

For months Boo has been bugging me non-stop to cut her hair. Not just a trim, but to cut it off. She didn't want long hair anymore, didn't like taking care of it and hated wearing ponytails. I resisted and fought her every step of the way.

Until I cut mine off. I still fought a bit, but knew I was wearing down. Plus, I can't look at her all whiney and not want to cut it off right then and there.

I finally caved in, and we started looking for pictures on-line. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find short girl hair style pictures on-line? It took us days to find some that we could agree on. It was not easy finding pictures that followed my two rules: 1- I must be able to pull her hair out of her face somehow. Clips, bobby pins or binders, I didn't care, but it must be able to come back. 2- If anyone brought clippers anywhere near my child's head, I would freak. Growing out a clipper cut is the hardest thing, and I know this from experience.

We finally found two that we loved, both bob type cuts. Friday night we headed to Great Clips pictures in hand. We found a couple more examples in the hair books, and then talked to the stylist. She was very understanding on what we wanted, and agreed that using clippers was a bad idea. Then...I walked away.

I wanted Boo to be in charge of this, it was her hair. I still wasn't sure if I was quite ready for it, but knew that I didn't want to be standing by here when they first chunk of hair came off. I sat down and read my book, resisting looking up at her reflection.

Boo had the entire shop in stitches. She told them we had to be done in 90 problem. She told them her birthday was on Monday, that she was going to be 7 and that she really wanted a new bike. She even told them that she missed her brother (aw) and that she couldn't wait for him to come.

When they were done, they called me over. Boo was grinning from ear to ear. She told me that she loved it, and bounced up and down in the chair like a jumping bean. I took one look at her, and loved it to.

They layered up the back, so we can add poof to her hair, and even showed me how to use the spray-in mousse to make it look how the stylist did it. That was good, since no one can ever make it look like it does when you leave a salon.
Boo has been spending more time in front of the mirror, playing with her hair. She just giggles and flips it around. I am so glad that I caved in. She looks beautiful, and she is happy.


Shannon ( said...

She looks so CUTE! I love it, esp the back!

andi said...

Adorable! I am glad you caved, too! She looks just like Dakota Fanning! :) Love it!

Anonymous said...

It looks great - love it!

Chris said...

Her hair looks great and the smile on her face says it all! I'd like to request a picture of the first day she throws a "I can't do anything with my hair" fit. =D