Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Holiday Recap

I was waiting to write this until we were all done celebrating Christmas...but I can't wait anymore.

With the rotating holiday schedule for Hunter, the days are all squeezed into one week, either before or after Christmas. This year, Hunter came on Christmas Eve night, and he is here until this Sunday. We are loving the long week with him, and he is loving the break off school.

We have been so blessed to have such wonderful time with our family. This afternoon we have more time, and our last celebration. It will be great to see our cousins from Iowa, we don't see them nearly enough since they moved.

My kids love to give gifts that make people smile, and we had a great deal of that this year. Giving Mom her first digital camera, their cousin his first set of Lego's, and listening to their young cousin scream "MICKEY" over and over again. It was wonderful.

The gifts they received were limited this year, from us at least. We decided long ago to cut down to three from us and Santa, and they each bought one for each other. It was great to see the excitement that came across their faces as they opened some thing they wanted, something they never thought they would receive.

Both kids received a Nintendo DS this year, something to keep them entertained in the car during long car rides, and something they can earn more games for. Boo and Hunter were both so excited, with thank yous flowing to us and Hubby's parents.

I think my favorite gift they received was Boo's "Build A Fort" kit. It is the coolest thing EVER. It has rope, clips and suction cups along with the canvass pieces. She uses my blankets and yarn almost every day to build forts or "Shelters" when she thinks I don't know they are the same. Half my blankets are all stretched out, not a good time. We are busting this out tomorrow, the one day we have nothing going on. I can't wait!

Hunter is in love with his i-Dog. I won this on Classy Mommy's blog. The lights and action are great, and you can make it do tricks! That is the coolest part I think. I keep hearing it bark though, so that is a bit odd at

I got my rolling scrapbook bag!!! I squealed...Hubby laughed at me. Big Sis always knows just the right thing to make my day a bit brighter, and this year was no different. When we went to our scrapbook night in November, I felt like an inadequate scrapbooker. I had my canvass bags, and that was it. Big Sis had her cool rolly bag, and so did everyone else. Now I have one too! I can't wait to load it up, and I need to do that since my craft area looks like a tornado hit it.

Below is a slide show, works so much better than uploading a bajillion pictures. Thanks to Jo-Lynne at Musing of a Housewife for turning my on to One True Media!

Today is the last holiday, but also Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!!! We love you!!!


Shannon ( said...

Looks like a great Christmas! I awarded you with the Lemonade Award. Stop by my blog to check it out! Happy New Year!

Shannon ( said...

I totally didn't realize that Kim awarded this to you as well! Oh well, at least you know we both think you deserve it!!

Melody said...

I love the three gift idea. We did it this year and we will do it ever year from now on.

I bought my rolly bag off of Jody and I LOVE it.

I am glad you guys enjoyed your Christmas and Happy New Year!