Sunday, January 25, 2009

But really I don't want to do it all

Boo was up bright and early this morning. A sure sign that she is feeling better. Another sign was her running around like a chicken with her head cut off yesterday, but that is normal when she is sick too.

Today is brimming with projects around the house. So many things to get done, but no motivation at this point. Yesterday a lot of things were worked on, but today is the gross stuff. The stuff I always put off until the end, the few things that no matter how much I bed Hubby will NOT do them for me.

- Clean out of the fridge and scrub it down. Thanks to I Want a Minivan I really feel the need to do that now. It has been too long, and it scares me.
- Both bathrooms needs a good rub down. Deep cleaning can wait, but me and the bleach wipes will be making a stop there.
- Bleaching all the door knobs and handles in the ENTIRE HOUSE. Strep is not something that I want passed along, so we are working to stop it in it's tracks.
- More Laundry. This isn't exactly a bad thing, but we did a ton yesterday so it is a bit old.
- Keep our garage clean. This is a chore in itself. Whenever the kids play outside the garage gets trashed, so it is always a lot of work.

Plus, I saw a movie last night and I CAN'T WAIT to talk about it. I caved in, and it was worth it. Plus, it has an amazing soundtrack!

I better get to work, where do I begin...

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K-Mom said...

Glad to hear Boo is on the mend. Strep throat is the worst! I used to get it a lot as a child and I can still remember how much it hurt my throat just to breathe.

Don't forget to wipe down the remote control and phone. We had a house full of company come down with that virus that always breaks out on cruise ships (I don't know the name), but from what we can figure, it was everyone who held the remote control at some point that weekend.