Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baking Day!

Saturday was cookie day. After Boo got done with bowling, we headed up to Big Sis' house to bake the day away. Watching the weather I was prepared. I had a change of clothes for both of us, and tooth brushes. Last year we had snow and rain, this year just a lot of snow.

We had a lot to do, and with the prospect of a sleepover, we weren't overly rushed this year. We got the dough made for the sugar cookies, the gingerbread cookies and then made the Spritz cookies.

Have you ever made those???

They are EVIL. I am telling you that machine is the most evil thing I have ever had to deal with. But, we made it through and got a ton done. Boo loves putting the sprinkles on, making them "More Festive" as she calls it.

Big Sis and I did rock-paper-scissors to see who had to change the dough green, and she lost. I wonder if the green is off her hands yet... Boo wanted to do the red, Go Nuts Baby!

And she did.

My Mom was there as well, and showed us how to make Church Window cookies. Colored mini marshmallows, nuts, chocolate chips and an egg. SO FREAKIN GOOD!!! I am keeping this away from Boo. She will eat them all they are that good.
Boo also got to work the mixer. I thing she felt the most love for this job.

After a long day of baking, we called it a night. We didn't decorate a single cookie. Sunday morning, after pancakes to replenish our strength we got down to it. We decorated the sugar cookies, and some HUMONGOUS cookies on sticks. Boo liked those the best (shocking).

And what cookie decorating wouldn't be complete with a phone call from Hubby. He spent the weekend snowmobiling, and would call to check the weather reports. He had the best weekend, and was telling Boo all about it.

The cookies were all boxed up and we headed home. After a slippery drive we made it. We divided the cookies up, home and work and I took them in on Monday.
Once again, Success!! My co-workers love when I do this each year. A personal gift, that comes from a fun fun night with Big Sis and my Mom.

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Amy said...

What a blast to bake w/ mom, sis and daughter! Cookies look yummy too!