Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RIDEMAKERZ - Build-A-Bear with Wheels!

Thanks to MomSelect I was given the wonderful opportunity to try out something new.

RIDEMAKERZ is a build-your-own shop created by Larry Andreini and Maxine Clark. Maxine Clark is the woman behind Build-A-Bear, the much loved shop where you can create your own stuffed friend. In 2005 Larry Andreini and Maxine Clark collaborated to create RIDEMAKERZ.

RIDEMAKERZ is a shop where kids (and adults) can create custom cars, from body type (Mustangs, Minis or Pick-Ups) to sounds (sirens or race sounds). While the shop was initially designed for the boys, many girls find the same thrill.

RIDEMAKERZ are priced between $12 to $29 depending on the body type and paint selection. The remote control can be added for $25 with custom accessories ranging from $2.50 (grille guards and spoilers) to $15 for the deluxe muscle kit. While it can be pricey when you add it up, the fun that comes is so worth it.

The cars/trucks measure about 12 inches and are about 1:20th scale. These cars are very cool.

There are two ways to build your car, in the shop or on-line. In the shop you can pick the parts you want, and they will help you put one together right there. Online, you again pick what you want, and they will send you the kit, along with the key shaped tool to put it all together.

You will get your wheels, rims, stickers, chassiz and body. Along with any of the other accessories that you order. Below is a general idea of what you could get:

Last week I was sent a great kit for the Dodge Challenger. While it is designed for boys, Boo was ready to dive into the box the minute it hit the door. She couldn't wait to build her own car. We took 45 minutes lay it all out, and put the car together. We had a great time picking out the right accessory, the right stickers and putting it all together.

Boo did most of the work, with me tightening her bolts on the body. She popped the wheels together and on with ease, and then added her engine, wheelie bar and side pipez.

The car was easy to put together, things snapped right into place. There are even magnets for some parts like the Hood Scoop. This will make thing easier if she ever wants to change things up, which we can do by ordering the parts on-line.

Boo LOVES her car, and Hubby does too. He even took it to work last night, said that it flew around the warehouse like crazy. Boo can't wait to bring it to Thanksgiving to show her cousins.

This is definitely a product I will be keeping in mind for my ever-growing nephews as birthdays come around this year. All 4 of them would love this, building your own car.

RIDEMAKERZ has a great offer going for you guys. For a limited time offer you can enter the code 93457 you will be entitled to $10 off a $30 RIDEMAKERZ purchase. This offer expires on January 4th, 2009.

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Jody said...

Seriously, why can't I think of these things? SO many great ideas and none of them mine!!!

I'll have to forward this on to my sister!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love Ridemakerz! They had one at MOA (right across from my store, but it went out of business). I think they're only on the coasts now. It was Cub's big present from her uncle last year. They each got gift cards for Christmas and went and made themselves cars!