Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Our 44th President

Tonight is a memorable night. Our 44th President has been elected, Barack Obama.

This is a monumentus event for our country.

A new path, new hope and new change for us all.

While we may not all agree with his politics, we are now turning to the path of joining together as one country. One force.

We each took the time today to vote for our choice. The lines that wrapped around polling locations brought tears to my eyes whenever I drove by.

As I slid my ballot into the counter, I held my breathe to remember the moment, the feelings and the place. I took part in this major day. I voiced my opinion, and made my vote heard.

As the number changed, from 662 to 663, I knew my vote counted. I knew my choice was heard. I knew, that no matter what happened tonight, I made a difference.

Now as we face tomorrow, and each day that follows we look to the future. We look to see the changes that both candidates spoke of.

Tonight I am honored to have taken part in such a huge day. I am proud to be a part of this country, with all it's opportunities and advantages.

I look forward to the days that come.

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