Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Aldi Test

A couple of weeks ago Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer did a comparison of Aldi's and her local Wal-Mart. I read the posts with skeptical eyes. I had only been to Aldi's once, and that showed me how you can save by buying there. But I had never gone back to do any real shopping.

Well, after seeing how much Shannon had saved getting some staples at Aldi's, I thought I would do my own test today. I needed to get some staples, but also some non-staples. I took my notebook, and got to work.

First I went to Aldi's, since you can never be sure what you will find for sure. I got a lot off my list done there, and for only $19.55. This included Vanilla Wafers, Sour Cream, Hot Dogs, Tortilla shells, Yogos, Bread and Milk. All of that and more for only $19.55. That alone blew my mind. The most I paid for any item was 2.69 or the Milk.

Next stop, Cub. I made a comparative list, looking at the prices and adding them to my list. The same items would have run me $29.31 at Cub, if I hadn't gone to Aldi first. It amazed me that the same items, only a off-brand, would have such a large price difference.

The Tortillas at Aldi were .99, but at Cub the brand we normally get was $2.47. The milk was only .10 more at Cub, but the Yogos were $2.69 at Cub compared to $1.89 at Aldi. My list goes on, and the savings do too.

I came home and showed Hubby all the savings, he was even amazed. We will definitely be going to Aldi more often. With the rising cost of living, and the non-rising pay, we will make every penny count and stretch them to the max.

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Melody said...

I have actually been shopping there a lot lately. My mom used to shop there when we were young and I got burnt out on it but with the economy the way it is now I have gone back. I have noticed that some of their prices have gone up lately (because I have been making a price book) but they are still cheaper than Walmart.