Thursday, November 20, 2008

At the Book Fair

Yesterday was a fun day for Boo. Her school had their yearly Book Fair, and her class got to go in and buy a book, as long as they brought money. We told Boo that she could buy a book, as long as she used her own money.

She had no problem with this, as we figured out which book she wanted to get. We looked through her paper thin catalog, and found just what she was looking for, and of course it followed a recent theme.

So Boo counted out her money, counting by 5's and 10's to get to that magic number. She checked and double checked to make sure she had the right amount, not wanting to take a chance she couldn't get her coveted book.

I wish I could have seen her walk up, all proud, ready to purchase her first book on her own, without me there. She had her money in a little Ziploc, and the smiles that must have come from her.

She was so excited about the book fair, and the minute she walked in the door, she was ready to read the book. She sat down and read the entire book front to back, and smiled the entire time.

Boo just bought her first book.


Jody said...

That's so exciting! It's always a proud moment when kids spend their own money!

K-Mom said...

I remember the Scholastic Book Fairs from when I was a kid. Do you know that I still get excited when I buy a new book?

Boo and I are kindred. A love for reading is a life-long gift, I hope Miss Priss enjoys it as much as I do.