Monday, October 06, 2008

When you are a mom

You know your a mom when...

You log onto your children's Webkinz accounts to build up their money, because they just don't have the game skills yet.

You can have important conversations with the school principal while cleaning, and he will never know it.

You will help your child sneak their dad's cereal.

You understand the mumbling of an upset child, when no one else can.

You can tell the difference between a "give me attention" whine and the "it really hurts" whine.

You can build a Lego car in under one minute, and it looks cool.

You know all the names to your child's dolls, their stuffed animals (Fred, Kim, Ron, Gabby...), and where they got each one.

You know which pajama's are the most comfortable after your child has a rough day.

You don't freak out when your "Big Kid" brings home a Gardner Snake from work just to show the kids. Even though you really want too.

When you look at all the pictures you have taken in the last year, and maybe 6 are of you.

And lastly,

When no matter how mad/frustrated/sad/scared your child makes you, Mama Bear will always be there, 100% of the time, everyday.


K-Mom said...

Very good post and true!

Especially the picture one...I have a million pictures of Miss Priss and Hubby and hardly any of me. LOL!

Kara said...

So true!

Brooke said...

I think you should change this title from "You know you're a mom when..." to "You know you're a GREAT mom when..." You are fantastic!

Melody said...

I definitely agree....especially with the picture part.

I have to intentionally make people take my picture. It's just not fair. :)