Monday, October 27, 2008

A recap

It is flingin-flangin cold out today, with winds hitting close to 40 mph. Not a good time when your office seems to have a wind tunnel effect.

So, while I tame my now crazy hair here are some fun facts of the weekend...

-In the past 6 days I have seen my sister 4 times! I think I might have DT's today from Big Sis Withdrawl.
-Boo finally has something moving...and you will have to figure out what.
-With all Hunter's homework issues, he didn't get to pick out his costume...Boo did. She was nice, and it is HILARIOUS! I can't wait for Friday.
-There is something to be said for having lunch with 3 women and their children. The best conversations in a long time were had. I can't wait for next time!!
-Boo got two spares and a strike at bowling this weekend. She was through the roof!
-I spent 7 hours scrap booking with Big Sis on Friday. I will share the finished products later.
-I still haven't done my NKOTB post...I promise it is coming! The weekend got away from me.

More later tonight!


K-Mom said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I guess we'll just have to keep "Hangin' Tough" until you can give us the download on the NKOTB concert.

Okay, that was kind of lame, but I had to go for it! LOL!

andi said...

You have been busy! Who did you get to have lunch with? I love girl lunches!