Saturday, October 18, 2008

I talked about how Hunter has struggled the past few weeks, and it hasn't gotten much better. The school is working more with us, and will hear about our dissatisfaction again this Thursday at conferences. He isn't making the effort now, and this makes the frustration 100 times worse. The school can only do so much, and then Hunter must take over, and do the work...bring the work home. As we get ready for his conferences, we remember that the school is only one area of the issue, and that makes it hard when as a parent we want them to fix it now. A lot falls on Hunter himself.

With that comes the complete opposite. Boo's conference was wonderful, and I went into it with a light mind since she doesn't struggle like Hunter does. She is doing great, and loving being on Student Council. She has another meeting this week, on Pajama Day. She can't wait to wear pajama's to school.

Her teacher is working to make Boo part of a Literary Circle with another couple children. Boo is a very advanced reader, and her teacher wants to challenge her as much as possible. The Literary Circle will give Boo and the other students more control of how much they read of the special book, what activities they do and what they talk about. It will be huge for her.

Both of my kids excel in certain areas. While Hunter's isn't always school, when he is on he is wonderful. Boo struggles with some activities where Hunter is a rock star. It is a balance game, one that is in constant motion.

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Beachy Mimi said...

It sound like your children are doing well. Sometimes, unless you are with them everyday, we tend to forget that children excell in many other ways besides textbooks. I hope they have teachers that can appreciate their strengths and encourage them in weaker areas. Bless positive teachers.