Friday, October 31, 2008

Bathroom Part 2

Work moved right along in the bathroom. The old floor is up, toilet and vanity are out.

Hunter's room...the worst site ever!

At least we can still take showers, since it was Boo's normal night. But, we had to lay double towels down so the wood didn't get wet.

The toilet...that's where the vanity was...

And the vanity is in the hallway.

And the big hole. I made Hubby go up there, since I was at work. He said it was pretty cool to watch. The did clean up down there,which is good since that black stuff does not look good.

Tomorrow the new linoleum gets laid down, and there is now a chance the vanity might get put in too! It all depends on how far they get.

I can't wait!

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K-Mom said...

YIKES! I hope they get it fixed soon! I hate living in limbo like that...we had to live to through a total house renovation once when we were kids and I remember how hard it was to wash dishes in the bathroom and take a bath in one room, but use the toilet in another. Good times!