Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A weekend away

This past weekend, we headed up north to the cabin. One last weekend before the school year began.

The drive was about three hours, give or take. We had to stop to pick up something for Hubby's mom, but then we hit the road.

When we stopped about two hours in for bathroom breaks and gas, and saw a tiny little mouse running through the parking lot. This has better not be a preview of the weekend, my brain could not take it.

We got to the cabin about 45 minutes ahead of my mother-in-law, and got everything put away. The kids were feeding the birds and chipmunks when we noticed this...

Yeah...that's from a bear. A big one too. The print is one of three that we found in the damp sand, and were pretty close to the size of Hubby's hand. Didn't make me all. I swear. I am so lying. I made the kids stay pretty close for a little while. The print was a little too fresh for my liking.

Once my mother-in-law got there, we pulled the wilderness camera, no bear pictures. A great one of the deck though, so something went passed the motion sensor.

We finished setting up the deck for the weekend, uncovered the tables and opened the umbrellas.

Look at the lovely visitor we had inside the umbrella...

Nasty looking bat isn't it. Hubby had to get gloves, because this little guy was not opening his eyes to fly away for nothing. There were actually two up there, but one was smart enough to fly. Hubby carried this lovely misquito eatting creature to the woods and tossed him away. Bats make the coolest noises!

Later in the afternoon, the kids were climbing trees. So shocking...I know. Hubby had noticed that a branch was broken on one of the trees, but all the ladders were buried in the basement. Never fear...Hunter is here!

He scaled that tree so fast. Hubby handed him the saw...yes the saw...and away he went. Mother-in-Law was not a fan of this, cringing with every moment. Boo showed Grandma not to worry about Hunter, as she fell up the stairs. Lovely.

They finally got the branch down, and then Hunter scaled back down and gave Grandma a HUGE hug. Poor thing.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing bean bags, playing with cousins and friends. We spent about 3 hours at the lake, where all the kids had a chance to go tubing (Boo not so much, Hunter rocked it).

Sunday we left early to head to my Dad's for Big Sis' birthday. After great food (yum...shrimp) we headed home after the long weekend.

As we hit one main stretch of road, Hubby pulled over. Never before had these (big) guys been so close to the fense, and never with a baby in tow.

How cool. The kids thought it was great. Buffalo are HUGE

Even after a great weekend, it was wonderful to be home.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!!


Melody said...

That looks like fun but I think after the discovery of the bear print I would have been inside the entire time.

Shannon ( said...

My husband LOVES bats. That would have made the whole trip for him. He always says he wants one for a pet. I don't agree, BTW!
Looks like you had a great time!

K-Mom said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I love nature...except for the nature part. :>)

Brooke said...

I have a weird obsession with bats. I probably would have tried to keep that bat as a pet. I would have even named him Fluffy and made fruit salads that we could share while he hung upside down from my ceiling. Umm.....yeah. I'm not running on all 8 cylinders this morning....

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Okay the bat? Totally gave me the willies!

Maureen @ Wisconsin Mommy said...

The bear print would freak me out a bit. When I lived in NH, I had one rip apart my birdfeeder - eek.

Little J just saw his first live bison last week when we visited a bison farm. He is still talking about how BIG it was!!