Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's a small world after all

I really do not know where the days go lately. I don't know if it is getting back into the swing of school, the fall weather or the looming winter, but I am just out of it.

Last night was a great night to be outside. Since Boo gets her homework done right away after school, she gets to play before and after dinner if the weather is nice.

Last night the second I walked in the door, she wanted to invite a friend over to play. Fine, let me change my clothes and we will walk down there together. Thankfully, this was the friend whose dad I knew growing up. We walked on down, Boo running more than anything, and invited her over.

When she got to our house, it was like show and tell for Boo. She doesn't have friends in the house often, because it was summer and so fabulous outside. They ran up to Boo's room, much to sleepy hubby's delight I am sure (remember he works overnights) , and started laughing and talking their heads off. Hubby sent them back downstairs.

They soon were to loud to play inside, which was fine with me. Out we go. I got my book, my water and sat down to watch them play. They chased bugs, rode bikes, played with the neighbor dog, and even played some hockey. Both girls groaned when it was time to go home.

As we walked her home...well I walked they rode, they were laughing and giggling some more. But, once we got to H's house, she begged her dad to take her training wheels off. She wanted to ride like Boo. So, off they came, and off she went. Her mom and dad were yelling like I was when Boo learned this summer. It was great to watch. H's brother, who is in Boo's grade at school, also wanted his taken off, and off he flew! It was great!

It was great to have the chance to catch up with old friends, find out what they have been up too and how their family is. It got even better when the kids took off on their bikes all together. The giggles and squeals that came out were great.


Beachy Mimi said...

What a great day.

K-Mom said...

I love nights like that...it reminds me of growing up and what a treat it was to play outside at night while our parents stood in the street and talked.

Good times! Good times!