Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer days/nights

A couple weeks ago we had a friend turn 40. KFC, as we call her at work, is one of my favorite people, and her party was a blast. I had to share a couple pictures, they just crack me up.

A couple of us decorated her work space. It was fun to hang things, sprinkle confetti and wrap her chair in streamers.

The party was on the most perfect day. The sun was shining, the temp was warm and the beverages were flowing. As the afternoon turned to evening, a one-man-band came to entertain.

Entertain he did, and not with his tunes.

Yeah...that is Jessica Rabbit on his shirt. Roger is in the surfboard...

Spending an afternoon/early evening by the pool was great. Hubby got to work on his dives, in between throwing KFC into the pool. They have a love/hate relationship. He loves to torture her about her age. Don't worry, I smacked him.

The evening was lovely. There were some amazing clouds that moved in, didn't cool it down, but made the sky beautiful.

Today we are spending the afternoon at her house again, lazing around talking and enjoying the wonderful weather. I can't wait.


Melody said...

It really is the perfect time of year. It looks like a lot of fun.

K-Mom said...

Looks like a lot of fun...and your summers actually seem pleasant.

Ours are soooo hot that unless you're on the lake or by the pool, you want to stay inside where it's cool.

Happy Birthday to your co-worker!

Shannon ( said...

What a great time! I loved the pictures.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

how FUN. love it!

Brooke said...

I am very impressed by Hubby's moves off of the diving board....ha! He's catching some serious air there!!