Monday, August 11, 2008

Just keep swimming

Boo left last night for a couple days at her grandpa's. She was giddy with excitement. I was giddy for a night of quiet, and hopefully getting some much needed sleep.

The sleep didn't come, though I swear I did try...with the TV on, yelling at it...loudly.

Who didn't see the 4x100 last's a video if you haven't. Who wasn't yelling at the tv?

We had our windows open last night, and I could hear people down the block yelling too, so I know I wasn't alone.

The race was amazing. Lezak touched a fingertip before the French swimmer. All the smack talk didn't hold up did it...

Phelps swam an amazing opening leg, and went a little crazy at the end. It is so wonderful to see such excitement for a sport. I love it!

Garrett Weber-Gale pulled a great second leg, keeping the distance close.

Cullen Jones, the man who almost died in a swimming accident when he was 5, pulled the third leg of this amazing relay. He hadn't even made it back to his teammates by the time Lezak hit the wall. He jumped over all kinds of things to celebrate with them.

Should we even talk about the fact that the top five teams all broke the world record during this race. USA took 4 seconds of the record, it was smashed.

Michael Phelps is now 2 for 2, with another race today. Pretty amazing, and I can't wait to watch!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I'm glad you blogged about this...I was going CRAZY last night when I watched it. Since my time zone is behind everyone else that I follow on Twitter, I knew that something awesome was coming up, but I had no idea how incredible the relay was going to be. That will be one of the most amazing Olympic moments in our history, ever.

Shannon ( said...

I'm enjoying watching these Olympics. I missed that race but I did see USA take Gold and Silver tonight in the backstroke! I also enjoy that synchronized diving...amazing!

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry said...

We watched it, it was FANTASTIC and so, so exciting.

jennifer said...

Aw, that makes me miss TV. Glad that you are enjoying the Olympics.

Glad to hear from you this evening.

Be blessed.


jennifer said...

Thanks for the prayers for my son too. You are a blessing to me!