Monday, August 25, 2008

A day at the park

Sunday we had a reception for Boo's old daycare provider. I was so excited for her, for many reasons. Plus, she is joining the Step-Mom club. The wonderful club, that has it's moments.

The reception was at a wonderful park that is a little bit of drive, but not to far.

After we said hello, raved over her gorgeous dress and said hello to her girls, we had a wonderful snack.

She had...a desert buffet. Oh my goodness Boo was in hog heaven.

Brownies, mini cheesecakes, cookies, lemon bars, Strawberry Shortcake, three different kinds of strudel and more. It was a child's heaven. Boo had three things (have to cut her off somewhere.), and I had a couple too. It was yummy.

Boo and Hubby went for a walk when she was getting a bit antsy. They stopped and looked at the falls, and then took who knows how many flights of stairs down to the bottom. Boo thought it was great, until they had the come back up.

The Falls are gorgeous, no matter how far you have to walk for them. Boo had never seen them up close before, really only in pictures. I promised her we would go this winter so she could see them frozen. It is definitely something you have to see to believe.

On the way back to the car, Boo asked if she could play at the park for a minute. Now, this park is a get your tetanus shot before you play park.

So of course I said go for it. Every kid has to play at these types of parks, it is a right of passage or something. I wouldn't let her go down the slide, mainly because she was wearing a dress, but also it was metal. Talk about burns on the back of her legs!

She did pretty good on the monkey bars. She hasn't been able to get all the way across yet, but she is getting there. Her hands were sore afterwards, but she was so proud.

Another thing we can add to her first grade goal list.


Brooke said...

Boo looks so cute in her little dress :)

Were these pictures taken at Minnehaha Falls? Oh man...I used to go there with my grandmother before she passed away. I LOVE that place!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh my word, a dessert bar? That sounds sooo good and I don't even like sweets that much!

Gorgeous falls...and gorgeous girl. :)