Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am a nurse/wife/mother/cleaner...

First...Boo is sleeping, and I just checked on her as I made my rounds, and she is listening to this on her CD player. A girl after her Daddy's heart.


I had all kinds of stuff planned for this weekend.

-Lots of snuggle time with Boo.

-Helping Brother in Law cut trees...well watching Hubby help him while I watched Boo swim (let's be honest here).


-Cleaning the living room (trashed!!)

-Price items for our garage sale that is next month

-Clean Boo and Hunter's rooms. It has been a long time since deep cleaning took place.

What did I get done? Let's see...

-I deep cleaned Boo's room and most of Hunters. Boo even got a few things in her room as a surprise (pictures later). She squealed, so they must have been wonderful. Hunter's room is almost done, and I can't wait. He had way WAY to much stuff in there, and no place for it to go. No longer!

-I got 4 loads of laundry done, which included one comforter and two sets of sheets.

-I got the kitchen cleaned, only to get it trashed again while running around and checking on other things.

-We were at Brother in Laws...for about 2 hours. Then had to take Hubby to Urgent Care.

Man oh Man!! I have been married to this man for 6 years, and dated for two years before that. I have hardly ever EVER seen him sick. But now...WOW! He is one sick guy, and I feel so bad for him! Fever, chills, lack of appetite...the list goes on and on. We spent a couple hours at urgent care, left with prescriptions and a diagnosis and orders to sleep as much as he can.

And he has.

He spent the remainder of yesterday sleeping, through almost the entire night and most of today. He is wiped. The fever is getting better, but wow. That is really all I can

And Boo...such a wonderful girl. She has been such a huge help. She has gotten Hubby his drinks, helped find the remote, even feels for his temperature every time she enters his room. Ryan keeps bribing her with kisses on her cheek. She just giggles.

Tomorrow I am taking a half day, to make sure he is really on the mend, then bringing Boo into the office for a treat. She loves my office, and my co-workers. She spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what she is going to wear. She must "Look important".

So my weekend list was put to the side. I will get most of it done during the week but still. I was looking forward to being productive this weekend.

Oh well.

How was your weekend?


Kellan said...

It sounds like you got a lot of stuff done! Hope your husband feels better soon - Ugh!

Take care and have a good Monday - Kellan

Anonymous said...

I hope you husband is feeling better. And despite the diversion it sounds like you got a lot done around the house.

PS: I have a new URL - its

Kim @ Situationally Single Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow. I wanna be like you when I grow up.

K-Mom said...

That's a busy weekend! I hope your husband starts to feel better soon, sounds like he was down for the count!

Melody said...

It seems there is always something that comes up that changes our plans.

I hope your husband is feeling better and congratulations on going through your kids rooms.