Thursday, June 12, 2008

Movie time

Boo is so excited about Camp Rock...she talks about it all the time. It airs June 20th, and she is begging me to watch it. That is the weekend Hubby might be camping with the boys, so we just might have to watch it.

I don't even know if she is excited about the Jonas Brothers, or just another Disney Movie.

I have a hard time getting into some of the tv movies that come out, but Disney ones seem to the ones my kids can watch.

Hunter liked Tiger Cruise and went through his Kim Possible phase too. Boo is still enthralled with HSM and Jump In. She never got into Cheetah Girls, but loves the cd's (It won't be the same without Raven...or Whitney Houston producing). She likes to watch Wendy Wu and Cadet Kelly, because "They aren't silly girls" (she cracks me up).

What summer movies are your kids looking forward too?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Camp Rock coming out is a big night in our house as well! Disney Channel is a constant in our house. Some of the movies aren't SO bad. Better than the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana concert that I sat through in November. :)
Our kids have been waiting for Kung Fu Panda and they loved it. SD is dying for Camp Rock though because the Jonas Brothers are "like so cute!". HA!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

We NEEEEDDD WAll-E to come out toute swift!

Not even for the kids, for US!