Monday, June 16, 2008

How to cool down the kids...

Saturday the kids and cousins were playing outside and whining because they are so hot.

Sick of hearing it, we decided to cool them down. We were sitting on the deck, and kids were playing in the yard below. Hubby and J went into the house and filled up three pitchers of water. I lined the kids up to "Take a picture" and even thought to have Hunter take his glasses off "to avoid the glare". As they were all lined up, we doused them with water. Three big pitchers full.

It soon turned into a full fledged water fight, with 3 adults running through the yard chasing 4 kids. The hose was running full force, and everyone had a blast.

By the end, the kids were cool and the adults were laughing hysterically. No more whining was to be heard from any of the kids.

How do you keep the kids cool in the summer?

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