Monday, June 02, 2008

The Height of the problem

Did you notice the wording there? The Height of the Problem...

I am a tiny person...height wise that is. I am 5'2" if even some days. My Big Sister is taller, brother is taller and Hubby towers over me some days.

Now, I always knew that Hunter was going to be taller than me. He is his father's child after all. There is no avoiding it.

But, I thought I would have a couple more years before I had to look up to one of the kids.

That time is coming, and quickly. Hubby and Big Sis were trying to figure out when Hunter was going to be taller than me. Hubby said by the time he hit 12, Big Sis said 13.

All I know, it will be soon.

That is less than 5 inches between us height wise.

And Boo isn't far behind him...


Kara said...

Ohh, I hadn't thought about my kids outgrowing me...yikes, that is a scary thought. Just keep wearing higher heals!

Brooke said...

This made me smile, especially since we're the same height!! :)