Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thin Mints and More

How many of you were Girl Scouts growing up? I bet most of you were, I know I was.

I read this article yesterday, and was blown away. There is a Girl Scout in Michigan that broke the all time sales record this year, 17,328 boxes. How is the world does one do that?? I am sure Mom and Dad helped, but still. I was proud when I sold over 60! All I wanted was a shopping spree at the local store!

But this line from the article is the most important, and what Girl Scouts of the USA strives to do for each and every girl that participates:

The cookie program has helped push Jennifer out of her shell, Pam Sharpe said.
"It's made her really confident," she said. "I remember when she first started selling, she was very shy and quiet, and you had to push her out to talk to customers, but now she's right out there, first to the door."

I was excited to read that the goal for the troop was a group trip to Europe this coming winter, but the fact that Jennifer opened herself, that is life changing and can open so many doors for her.

Congrats to the girls in that Girl Scout Troop!!

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