Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Last year it was soccer, during the fall/winter it is dance. But this year, Boo changed her mind. She wanted to play Baseball. Not softball, but baseball. Fabulous! We are a sport house, so any sport is wonderful, but I grew up playing ball.

So, last week we had our first practise/game, and the kids had a blast. There aren't any kids from her school on her team, so a new batch of friends. We had practise for about 30 minutes, then a game for another 30 minutes. There is no score, no outs and everyone bats.

The point at this age is fundamentals. Last week we taught the kids the proper way to catch a grounder, and they had the best time learning. They were all very eager, and wanted to do their best.

Each team got a chance to field and bat, and when we bat it is all the way through the rotation. Boo got a great hit off, as did many of the kids. This week we are working on the right way to to stand, how to hold the bat and keeping your eye on the ball.

I said "we" right? Oh that's right...I am one of the coaches. I had the best time, not just the kids. Teaching them, guiding them and having a good first practise was the best experience ever. Now, I know that every practise is not going to go this way, but oh so much fun!! I can't wait for this week!


Kelsey Smith said...

What cute photos!

Kara said...

Love the pictures!! I wish my kids would play t-ball, softball, something...right now we're doing volleyball and that is fun.