Thursday, May 15, 2008

On the Good Ship

Last weekend was recital for Boo. She had worked so hard throughout the year, and was nervous for the first time (I had to go back stage for the first time ever to calm her down!!). But, the class did WONDERFUL!!! I am so proud of all of them. They sang* loud, said all the right steps, and smiled so big.

The first dance was Take Me Out to the Ball Game. They had the cutest costumes, and were so excited. There was a close call with a collision, but it was avoided at the last minute.

Their next dance was for Good Ship Lollipop. Oh my...could they have been any cuter! Boo has been carrying around her lollipop ever since Saturday. They did a great job on this one too, stayed together and sang* loud!

We weren't sure of Boo was going to be able to dance next year, but she is going to. She can't wait to move up a level, and do even harder dances. She loves to dance, and does all over the house. She plays music night and day, and can't wait for the fall lessons to start.

The rest of the show was great. The older kids always do well, and the final dance before finale is always the most entertaining. They danced to You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray, and did a wonderful job on it. They used some of the dance from the movie, and improvised on the rest.
Such a good time.

*they have the younger classes sing their steps as a reminder. A pretty smart idea.

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jennifer said...

She looks so pretty!!

Dance recitals are hectic but fun!!