Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We like 'em LOUD!!

I have talked about the Twins (let's just not talk about last nights game...) and the Vikings, but never the Minnesota Wild.

I grew up around hockey. My brother was a goalie for many many years, and my dad loves the sport. When I first started dating Hubby, Minnesota didn't have a hockey team. How wrong was that...Minnesota...longest winters ever...the State of Hockey...and no hockey team. And trust me, there are many people still bitter about the Northstars leaving.

The Minnesota Wild started here in 2000, and has been huge ever since. Getting tickets is not always easy (I have never been to a game, but Hubby has) but the Xcel Energy Center does not have a bad seat...at all...anywhere.

I love Hockey, but like some sports have hard time watching it on TV. Well, watching the Wild last night in the playoffs was AMAZING!! We beat the Colorado Avalanche 3-2 in overtime.

Now, the Wild are very very aggressive players, and always have been. They work hard, push hard and will check you into the boards without a moments hesitation. There is a reporter in Denver who wrote an article calling the Wild "Wild players are goons in land of '10,000 dead car batteries", but they didn't say that after they won the first game in the series...just saying.

Tonight is game 4, and I hope we win. This is a seven game series, and we need two more wins to move on. Like any sport there is always a chance of loss, but man I hope not. The Wild have worked very hard, have lost players to injuries and come back. They are short 4 starters right now, all to injury (with one appendix). The deserve to win, and I will cheer them on either way!

But, it would be nice if they could do it in regulation, not overtime. I overslept this morning because I was up so late watching (yelling at)the game.

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Jody said...

When I lived in MN I had season tickets. First row behind the player bench, seat 7. Man, I miss that. When Doug & I were dating long distance he would watch the games to see if I was where I said I would be. :) I was friends with many of the players as well as the Clay Matvick from Fox Sports and Tom Reid.

Man, I miss those days sometimes. And I miss my Wild. Hockey just isn't the same here. We have the farm team of the Stars (who should be in MN, but I won't get started on that) but it just isn't the same...

The sign on the arena says "This is our house". Irks me every time... It's hockey! This is our POND!!!!