Friday, March 07, 2008

For my Brooke

My friend Brooke tagged me in a weird things meme...and I am not sure why she thinks I am the weird one in this friendship...oh wait. Now I remember. But I just did my 100 things...incomplete that it is, and don't know what to say!

Anyway, here we go.

1) I changed my name when I was 5. Yes, 5. There were 9 Kelly's total between my school class, dance class and other friends. I was sick of being Kelly. So, I added a letter after seeing the leader on Mickey Mousercise, whose name was Kellyn. I told my mom I was changing my name, and she said fine. From that day on only three people called me Kelly, and two were my grandparents.

2) I have been in 9 car accidents since I was 16, the first two weeks after I got my licence. The last, last winter. My sister's friends till call me crash sometimes...I must add that only two were my fault! All the rest were other people not paying attention.

3) I MUST have music at all times. I always have music going at work and in the car. If the TV is not going, the radio is instead. If I don't have music playing, it does play in my head. Does that make me weird or just crazy? Not sure.

4) I grew up across the street from a great city park. There was a "big kid
park, "baby" park, big jumps, sledding hill, swings and basketball hoops. In front of the park was a library, my home away from home. Every day during the summer my brother and I would leave and spend the day in the park/library. We would climb trees, swing, do jumps on our bikes and read. I was heaven on earth.

5) The first time I ever rode on a snowmobile, I was 15. My best friend had moved away, and I was visiting her over Christmas break. We were going through a loop her brother had built in the back yard, and I crashed into her Dad's fishing boat. It took me almost 10 years to ride one again. I still won't drive by myself.

That is all I got Brooke. Take a look at her blog, and her fabulous travels for Thailand!

Tag to anyone. Most that would do one, have just done one!

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Brooke said...

Thanks, doll!! I never knew that you were born "Kelly"....and that you changed your own name!! You are most definitely not a Kelly. Kellyn is the PERFECT name for you.

I'm drafting a long e-mail to you at the moment....I need some more advice from my guru :)