Sunday, February 03, 2008

Skating the day away!

The weather and schedule finally allowed for Hunter to go skating. He was nervous at first, but like with everything, sibling rivalry stepped in. He did great! Wouldn't let me help, and wanted to do it all on his own...the stubbornness reminds me of his daddy!

He and Boo did circles around each other, and helped each other up when they fell. They had the best time!!

After one big spill he was a little more cautious, but if next weekend is good weather-wise we will be out again. And this time he will bring his stick. He is very excited!


Vikki said...

Our outdoor rinks are finally ready also. I'm so happy cause that means my boys skate every day after school (when there's no running around to do)! and then they happily fall into bed exhausted :) YAY to early bedtimes!!!

Queen B said...

What fun! That looks like a great way to spend the day...