Saturday, February 09, 2008

6 years ago today...part 2!

6 years ago today I stared down at my beautiful little girl. She was perfect in everyway, and I was terrified! When Hunter first saw her, the first things he said were "She looks like Boo from Monsters, Inc!" While her dark brown hair gave way to blond, she still is called Boo.

Since that day Boo has made me laugh, cry and say things I swore I would never say. She makes me wonder every moment where this little person came from, and why I am so lucky. She is so in tune with how her dad and I am, and loves so unconditionally. She will hug her brother in public, and tell him she loves him by yelling accross the room. She will fish with her Daddy, dig in the dirt and be nasty dirty, and still play with her dress up clothes. She loves to be with her family, and her cousins are her best friends. I love the person she is becoming more every day.

Happy Birthday Boo!! Have a great day, and may you always be this happy (even though we know that won't happen).
Love you to pieces!!
Mom and Dad

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