Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - Backwards Edition

It is time to get back into the swing of things around here...

It is time again for Works for me Wednesday hosted by Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer. This week is the wonderful backwards edition that helped me oh so much last time around (we now have under bed storage for sweaters, but still not tying the shoes...)

Today we have a problem I am sure many of you face, so I am waiting to hear all your vast knowledge.

Boo had long hair, past the middle of her back. Not only is it long, it is super thick (one of the few things she got from me and not Hubby). It is difficult to brush it wet, unless you break it into about 10 sections and do one at a time. That is not the problem however.

When she sleeps, she sleeps hard. She moves around a lot, and it causes major problems. Every morning she awakes with a birds nest on the back of her head. We had one so bad last week I was late to work getting it out! It is terrible. We have tried putting high ponytails in, and braids. But she moves so much they are out within the hour, and we have the same problem all over again. Detangler doesn't help get the mass out, nothing seems too. I have told her that we could get it cut to make it easier, and less tearful, but she likes her long hair and FREAKS out everytime I bring it up.

HELP! Thanks!

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byrumnews said...

At night I would try braiding it again only this time put the rubberbands in several different places running down the braid. If her hair is 10 inches long say, put it at the end and every three inches in. That way if you lose one the next will still hold it in. Good Luck!

JoAnn said...

I like the multiple rubber band idea. There is also a special pony tail holder out there designed for women working out that doesn't come out as easy. You could try those. They do hold really well.

I do have a conditioner suggestion for you to help get tangles out. Paul Mitchell projects has a conditioner called The Detangler. It works better than any detangler or conditioner I've tried. My daughter cries at the slightest pull so I've tried a lot. It's expensive but I've been able to stock up by buying it on sale at JC Penny. Sometimes the Sunday paper has a $1o off salon coupon as well. I've even been able to combine the two (a BOGO sale with a $10 off coupon to get $25 bottles of condition for $5 each...they are big bottles).

HomeSchool Mommy said...

The best option is to cut it. Maybe she would like idea if she knew about donation options? Also, seeing other girls who have done it...

Here's my daughter:

And a friend's daughter:

If she absolutely won't cut it, though, I would say FRENCH BRAID--TIGHT, if you know how. Also, braids or ponytails that you wrap with an ace bandage.

Kara said...

Okay, going to sound crazy, but you could braid, tuck hair in a cap (like shower cap, but made with cloth, We had a little cap like this with elastic around it and although it worked it wasn't long before she decided she'd just cut her hair:)
Thanks for your advice on my blog.

The Queen Bee said...

Ugh...the hair battle. I know it well!

My Princess Pinky, age 6, has long, thick, ringlet curly hair---not tight curls (I can blow dry it until it's straight with a bunch of bounce), but enough curl to tangle into a nest of vipers after a sweaty night in dreamland.

If I let her hair air dry, even after shampoo and conditioner, it dries curly and tangles. So, here's our hair routine:

Wash with kids 2/1 shampoo/conditioner;

Condition with separate mommy conditioner (usually Suave or some such frugalistic brand);

While conditioner is in wet hair, take big tooth comb and comb it through, then rinse; and,

Lastly, use a smoothing cream/straightening product (again, mine that I use to make my wavyish hair sleeker, I think I've got a Dove one up there now)on her hair before I blow dry it.

I've noticed if I do this routine and blow dry it out every time we wash (every other night), the nasty nest tangles don't appear. But if she air-drys, watch out! It'll be a fight to death with the brush the next day!

Hope you can get some relief! I know what you're going through!

And thanks for visiting my blog!

Marianne at Writer-Mommy

Anonymous said...

Well, before my Victoria Beckham-wannabe phase last summer, I actually had long hair. And it's thick to boot. My secret? A silk pillowcase. I don't know why, I don't know how, but it totally cured my bedhead.

truth said...

Have you tried french braids? Also, get one of those slick, shiny, satiny pillow cases. I have 4 girls and they wore french braids a lot.

Oh, I'd french braid it wet, and use one of the sleek hair products for straightening hair to keep it managable