Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Linky Love

It is again time for some linky love. Every once in while I just feel the need to share what I am reading. Lately it seems like late at night I am getting more done.
I have found some great blogs in the past few weeks. Here we go...

FantastaGirl is a Iowa hero, going through the Mom wars every day. Any Mom will hear her stories and nod their heads in agreement.

I have been working on cooking more, and relying on boxed dinners less. Some days it is very hard, but I am getting better. With looking for new things to make all the time, I stumbled upon these blogs.

One is Fab Food Friday. There are some great things on this one. This looks amazingly good.

Another is Leah's Recipe Exchange. I am going to make this next week, and can't wait!

Lastly is The Queen B. I found her via Rocks in my Dryer a couple months ago. Not only is she a wonderful blogger, she has some wonderful sounding recipes on her site. Every weekend she posts a new one, and I love saving them for future use. From her love for family (she took her daughter to Hannah Montana...need I say more?), her love for the Razorbacks (have I told you how sorry I am about the loss?) and her faith, she is a great read.

Check them out...they are all worth the trip!

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Queen B said...

Thanks for the kind words!! Hannah Montana makes me a nutcase...not so much a good mom:)