Saturday, December 29, 2007

Can you hear the peace and quiet???

We are done...finished...completely out of our minds ready for Boo to go back to school done!

Today we had our last Christmas celebration. Between our families we have lots of people to visit and see, and it takes sometimes two weeks to get it all taken care of. But we see so many people, and get so much love from them. It was a great holiday!!

My nutso lovely children spent so much time taking things out of packages, plugging them in and testing them out. There were so many favorites, but the best high tech toy we got was this Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii. I love this game! Hunter is amazing at it, and blows me out of the water everytime. He just moves perfectly. Once he went downtown with Grammy and had teenages cheering him on, and he was close to beating the high score. Hunter is a Rock Star!!

We also had books, dolls and movies galore. Legos, games and craft material. New hats and gloves, ATM Banks and ice skates. skates.

I admit, I was a little nervous about these. Remeber the roller skating party? Not my pain...but Boo. If not take a moment and reflect...don't worry. I will wait....

Caught up? Okay, so you understand my nerves right? Well did she ever prove me wrong! WAY WAY WRONG! It was great! Christmas Day while Hubby was sleeping (he had to work both holiday nights) Boo and I spent the day with Grammy. We watched Care Bears: The Nutcracker, which was pretty cute. After we went to the park near Grammy's house and we went skating. It started out a little rough. Boo didn't want to let go of Grammy, and I didn't want to let go of her. But, after only about 10 minutes she was skating away on her own! No one was more shocked then I. I was so proud of her! Of course she fell some, but she always got right back up and skated away.

We have gone out again since then, and she kicked me off the ice!! The little brat skating machine told me "Mom, go over there, I got it now". I was a little hurt, but gave her her space. By the end of the time on Thursday she was turning around without stopping, and using her Toe Pick like a pro. Oh the fun times to be had.

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Tara R. said...

Congrats on the skating. We have to have ice trucked in to skate. I can't wait for my little bundle of joy to go back to school too.