Wednesday, December 12, 2007

For the animals

The student council at Boo's school is hosting a wonderful fundraiser. Everyday this week the kids bring in a different kind of coin, Monday was pennies, yesterday was quarters, today is dimes and tomorrow is nickles. Friday they can bring in whatever they have left...a combo if they want. All the funds are going to our local Humane Society.
I told Boo that we would give her some change, but if she wanted more than that she would have to think about taking it from her piggy bank. She thought about it over night, and this morning came running with the jangle of her piggy bank. She wiped herself out! I made her leave some, but it was really only about a dollar worth of change.
I love her giving heart. The minute she heard that it was for animals, she was set on giving as much as she could. She even asked if we could volunteer there this summer. She has such a loving heart.

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