Sunday, September 30, 2007

Such a weekend

Well, we had a slew of people over this weekend. I love grilling out! We had friends from all over...Lanesboro (sneaky friends), New Ulm and Forest Lake. My sister, the little liar, even called into work to be there! She brought me balloons...that are currently being batted around by the kids. My little brother was there for a little while, and that meant so much to me. Love you JB.
Jen brought me the best picture from her wedding, and Krystal got me a gift card for clothes! She knows me so well. Ryan and Amanda spent the night since it is such a long drive for them to get home. We played on their Wii until 2 am! The hubbies went to play pool for a couple hours, and we got time to talk and bowl...the Wii. It is always nice to have them here, and so hard when the leave. Hopefully...someday they will move back here.
Thanks to everyone who came over, it was so good to have people here. Love you all!!!

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