Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering September 11, 2001

Every year people have asked me where I was when the Towers fell, when the Pentagon was hit and when that plane went down in the Pennsylvania field.

I was 4 months pregnant with K, and working for a construction equipment company, and business halted for the morning. We all were glued to the TV, waiting for more information.

Every year since September 11, 2001 there have been new movies, new shows and new documentaries about the "theories" surrounding the attack. I only watch one show, Primetime's special on the children who never got to meet their fathers. There are some Mother's who didn't even know they were pregnant until weeks after, and some who delivered on September 11th. The words that come out of these children, about the hero's and the fallen are staggering. One child called her father "The Angel I will never see, but will always know is there because he loves me from high above".

Remember the fallen today, give thought to those left behind, and to those workers who are now suffering.

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