Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We will miss our MVP

12 years ago, a young basketball player, just out of high school, entered the NBA. He had hopes of showing everyone that he was better than what they thought of him.
Now, that young player is a NBA MVP, All-Star, an Olympic Gold Medallist and Community Leader. Kevin Garnet has done more volunter work with troubled youth, disabled adults and children, even at the hospitals.
In KG's 12 years at the Timberwolves, he made 10 All-Star teams, had 71 double-doubles in 2004, had 13.9 rebounds per game (number 1 in the league in 2004). KG has also struggled with how the team has played, showing that emotion openly.
We will miss KG, but wish him the best of luck in Boston. He deserves to be on a team that has a chance at the Championship. Number 21 is now Number 4.

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