Monday, August 13, 2007

3 weeks, one Day (and counting!!)

We got all the school supplies that K will need last night. My goodness it can be overwhelming. I am thankful that K's school doesn't try to insist you get Crayola brand things, since we don't always do that. While I am particular about crayons, markers and colored pencils not as much. I tend to go the "Which is cheaper...buying a 12 pack of pencils for $2.48 (name brand mind you) or two 8 packs for $.48 each??? hmmm...let's think about that one". What do you think I did...oh yes two packs of 8 are just fine for more than half the cost. Also, strange enough, a 10 pack of folders was cheaper than buying 10 individual folders, same with the spiral notebooks. I don't get the logic always, but last night bulk was better! I even bought bulk Kleenex, for the cost and the extra "Box Tops for Education" since they had bonus ones! Love bonus! I have a goal to bring in a ton of box tops by October...anyone want to send me more? he he
Kindergarten here we come!

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