Monday, June 18, 2007

This one time at a Drag Show

So we are home, and we are exhausted. Vegas was great! We had time to see some of the touristy things, M&M World, Margaritaville, Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill and Gilleys. We also got to see some things you don't see every day…like a drag show for my sister's bachlorette party. Talk about a good time. The performers were amazing, and we even had the oppurtunity to see my sister do something she hasn't done before…that is all I will say besides Buff and Shine. It was a great night with friends, some family and even people we didn't know. I didn't have much of a voice after that. Lucky Chengs Las Vegas Restaurant - Drag Cabaret Restaurant

The guys got together and went to a couple different casinos, and then Fremont to see the Fremont Experience. If you have never gone to this, it is amazing. The lights alone are worth the walk.

Up bright and early on Friday for hair and make-up, then off to Mandalay Bay for the wedding ceremony. It was held in THE Wedding Chapel inside Mandalay Bay, right by the Shark Reef. The chapel is beautiful, and the ceremony was perfect. Kept short and sweet for us fainters in the family. My sister was gorgeous, I have never ever seen someone look so amazing. Her hair and makeup were perfect, thanks to James. Her dress was beautiful and her flowers gorgeous. Kurt looked great in his suit, and I have never seen him look so handsome.

We took some pictures at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, then it was off to Maggianos for the reception. We did have a surprise visitor while we were there, Elvis came to perform for us. Even my mom got into it. Colleen and Kurt exchanged their "Las Vegas Vows" and had their first dance as husband and wife. Elvis went around and took some pictures with everyone, and sang one more song. The food was amazing at Maggianos, and the drinks were flowing. It was a great time.

After lunch we went to the Neon Boneyard. They have signs there that I have never heard of, but what an experience to see them all. They person that ran out photo shoot told us that they had just gotten the Stardust sign a few weeks ago, and that it is very large, even in 10 or so pieces. They are saving to build an actual museum, but they only have so much money at a time. They told us that they recently lost one sign to fire, and to be very careful for broken glass, and glass sticking out of the signs. I can't wait to see those pictures!

After those pictures, we all had some times to rest, and regenerate after being in the heat for so long.

Friday night we all met at Harrah's Carnivale Court, which is an amazing bar, with a tiny tiny dance floor. The bartenders are amazing, able to be blindfolded and throw bottles, spin bottles and glasses on single fingers. It was a great time, even with the 90 degree heat we had at 10 pm.

I will add some pictures a little later, but all in all a great 4 days.

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