Friday, May 11, 2007

We have Katie's dance recital tonight and tomorrow night. Very exciting. She is right now sitting at home with sponge curlers in her hair, in hopes that her hair will be curly. It hasn't worked that way as of yet, so we are giving the curlers a try. We also have her second soccer game tomorrow, and soccer pictures, so it will be a busy weekend to say the least.
Last week was crazy, Ryan got sent to Philadelphia for work, and was gone for week. And this just after he got back from Lake Vermillion for the weekend. It was a crazy two days getting him ready for the trip, but he enjoyed himself, and saw some great helicopters. The warehouse location in Philly is right where they make two of the helicopters the Army uses. He wishes he had the camera with him.
We are winding down the school year for both kids. In one month Katie will graduate preschool, and move to the "big kids" daycare. She is very excited about it, and we are too. The next stage is an exciting one, if not a little scary. I still can't think about her getting on the bus in 4 months time.
Tim is finishing up his last year at Elementary School. Next year he will be going on to Middle School, and a whole new set of teachers, friends and activities. He isn't sure about the change, but we are happy to move on from the rough 5 years he has had. We are certain that the new things that lay ahead will be much better.

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