Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life moves fast...

A lot has happened over the past two weeks. After Easter things got in full swing for Colleen's shower. That took place this past Saturday without a hitch. There were a lot of people, a lot of food and a lot of love for Colleen. She had a great time. We have spent plenty of time spoiling our new nephew every chance we can. I got to visit with him today over lunch...can't believe how much he has grown already!

Katie started soccer, and loves it. The first night they played it was snowing, but they had a great time none the less. Then this past Sunday it was raining pretty good, and they had even more fun. Sliding around in the grass was great for them. Katie only fell once, and that was fun for her. They have kick-off camp this weekend, which is when she will get her uniform. She is excited to find out what color she is going to be. She wants to be pink, but knows that the two boys on her team would not like that at all. Games start next week, so we are ready for that.

Next week is also the start of recital rehearsal for Katie. Recital is coming up fast, and rehearsal lets them get used to the big stage. Katie just wants to go on the stage and have fun. No one has seen her costume yet, this year we are waiting so everyone can "ohh ahhh" over her the night they come to see her dance.

Tim is winding down in school already. One month from today he will be done at the awful elementary school and moving on to Middle School. At first he didn't want to move on, since they don't have recess. But when we told him about all the fun stuff in middle school he quickly changed his mind.

Spring is finally here, so we are spending more and more time outside now. There are already plenty of scrapes and cuts to prove it! The play rough and love it!

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