Monday, March 12, 2007

My new Minivan

It is official…I am more a mom now. This weekend we got a Mini-Van for me to drive. I was hit two weeks ago, and the insurance company totaled out my car. The repairs were more than my car was worth. So we took the money, and put it into something that has lower miles, a lot lower miles, and more reliable. We got a 1995 Chevrolet Lumina. It is very nice. Runs great, and only needed two parts replaced…so far. After Ryan replaced those two parts, it is even better. The kids love it since they have more room, and Katie loves the automatic slidding door. I just have to remind her not to push the button if no one is on her side to get her out. She was a little button happy this morning.


Momma Mac said...

Omigod!!! YOU'RE A SOCCER MOM!!!

Breskie said...

Why didn't you post a photo?!?! I'm so saddened by your lack of photo!