Thursday, March 29, 2007

dance costumes, babies and more

Katie finally got her dance costume last night. Thank Goodness! She was getting very impatient about the entire thing. She wanted it NOW. They are cute, not as cute as last years, but very cute indeed. Sorry no pictures until recital! We want the suprise effect to be there.
Now all we are waiting on is soccer info. We should find out this week who her coach is, and when practises will start. I hope we find out, just another thing for her Katie to be impatient about.
We are awaiting the arrival of Easton Cecil Keefe. He will be here any day now, or within about two weeks. We will have to wait and see what his plans are. Katie is excited about her new cousin, and Tim is excited to have another boy in the family. He feels a little out numbered some days.

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