Friday, February 09, 2007

5 years gone by

Where were you 5 years ago today? I was holding my little girl for the first time. 33 hours of labor was over, and my Katie was here. I never new love like that before that time.

My baby is 5 today, and I can't believe the things we have been through, the way she has grown, and the way I have grown as a result of her being here. I am more patient, more loving and more open. I can forgive things I never would have before, and I am now the queen of don't F*** with mine.

Katie is the light of my life. Her love of people, her devotion to her brother and to her daddy make me love her more everyday. I never thought that would be possible!
Happy Birthday to my Boo! May the next 5 years be as joyous, happy and as much a learning experience for us all. I love you baby girl!

The weekend will be crazy. Both Tim and Kate have their friend parties tonight, Kate at McDonald's and Tim at Grand Slam. Tomorrow Tim has his last basketball game, then the family party at night. It will be busy, but fun. The family party is always more laid back and a little more fun for me. There will be friends and family there, include Beth, Brian and Avery. It will be so much fun to be with my family while I dread the kids getting older.

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