Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How did you meet Bob?

There have been some stories floating around that I have to put out. They are to funny not to share. Bob was always the one to make you laugh. I still, after thinking about it for a while, can't remember meeting Bob, he was just always there. At our wedding, birthday's, Viking's Games and Chris LeDoux concerts.
I do know that my favorite memory is after a Chris LeDoux concert. A group of us had driven to Hinckly to see Chris LeDoux in concert, and on the way home stopped for a drink at the Noisey Cricket, a bar off of 70 and 35. In we walked, 7 people on cowboys hats and wranglers loud and noisey as can be. Bob made a point to be even more over the top then normal, and the old guys sitting at the bar soon left, after looking at us nervously. I haven't had such a good time in a bar since, and think of Bob whenever we go to the cabin.
Here are a couple more stories:
"Back in 6th grade, I was sitting next to Bob in an English class I guess. The teacher was giving some lecture. I can hear Bob making noises. I look at his paper and he is drawing a little battle scene at the bottom. The noises were him sounding like machine guns and explosions! I then notice the teacher stopped talking and the only sound is that of Bob's noises! After a few minutes he noticed people looking at him and stops. The teacher then asked him if he'd like to come to the front and demonstrate his sounds for everyone! He politely said, "no thanks"."
This one is my favorite!
"One summer a group of us were fishing on Lake Mille Lacs. We had gone out on the boat from 8pm to 2am. A young kid in our group that got drunk and obnoxious on the boat, Bob nicknamed "Fubar McElroy". (To this day I can't remember his real name, but as you know, Bob's nicknames stick.) Luckily he fell asleep before heading back so we didn't have to kick his ass or throw him overboard. On our way back to the dock Bob had wrapped Fubar's leg in the dock wrope. Unknown to us and Fubar. When we arrived at the dock, one of the deck hands hopped off the boat to tie us up. He grabs the rope and yanks it to tie the boat. Fubar's leg rams into the boat wall several times as the worker is trying to free it. We untied him, laughing of course and got the boat tied up. Heading back to our campsite we found one of our neighbors having a bonfire. We joined them for a few hours until they started arguing. Deciding enough is enough we headed back to our campsite to crash for the night.
We woke up the next day, all nursing major hangovers, and sat around our own campsite trying to get the energy to pack up and go home. Bob had gone across the street for some OJ. He's walking back to us and before we even see him, we can hear him laughing...He finally gets close enough and I ask him what the hell his problem is. He's still laughing when he tells us the guy at the store was really pissed off. The clerk says, "I had to be to work at 5am, but the God damn neighbors were making noise and arguing until 4:30 in the morning! I finally fall asleep about 4:45. Then some guy camping outside my window starts to snore!! I got about 5 minutes of sleep!" Of course the clerk didn't know it was Bob snoring.
If you've ever heard Bob snore, you know why he was pissed! It never bothered me, so I always volunteered to share a hotel room with him. The first time I ever heard him , I literally laughed myself to sleep! Over the many years and trips out of town I camped with him and shared hotels with him. And of course for the last year he was my roommate. I could hear him every night with both our doors closed. Or if I was down the hall watching TV. Surprisingly, I miss the snoring..."

Some will know who Fubar is...

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