Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sister Bonding

So last night I went dress shopping with my sister for her wedding dress. We had such a good time, and for the first time, I worked with a very nice person at David's Bridal. Suprised me a little.
Colleen tried on a bunch of dressess, and narrowed is down to six so far to show mom in a couple weeks. There are a few more she wants to try on, but those had to wait. It was 9:30 before we left there, and they closed at 9! They were great about it, and our attenedent told us to keep going until we were done.
Katie even got into it, trying out a cute!

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Anonymous said...

How fun!!! We're so happy for Colleen, and glad she found someone so special! Enjoy the dress is the one time when you really get to feel like a princess, standing up on a little pedestal, with people fluffing out the skirt and train all around you! I'm glad that you guys are getting to share the experience together, and I know your mom will love getting to be a part of it too!!! Have they set the date yet? You are a wonderful sister....... even to your "adopted" little sister Julie....thanks so much for that! Love, Barb