Thursday, August 10, 2006

Are you ready for some football???

Everyone knows how die hard Ryan and I are when it comes to the Vkings. We love watching football on Sundays, making Chili by the crockpot and having people over to enjoy (or not enjoy) the game with us.
The first preseason game is the coming Monday, and yes I even took the night off work so I could be at home watching the game. We are once again starting the season with a crockpot of chili and lots of friends. It is really just a good reason to get everyone together.
I have been reading the Viking blog daily, I am addicted. You get to hear about practise, the mind set of the coaches and the player. You also get first hand thoughts on injuries, such as Tank Williams and his knee. I love having that resource at my fingertips.
Are you ready for football? I know that I am!!! GO VIKES!

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